Senior Cloud (AWS) Engineer


We are looking for a Senior Cloud (AWS) Engineer to join our software development team in Chernivtsi, Uzhhorod, or Remote.

Our customer, as one of the biggest software vendors in the Netherlands, loves to keep track of the latest and greatest tech that comes from Silicon Valley and our public cloud partners. Therefore, they can always pick the right tool for the job in the complex mission-critical ecosystems. They strive for seamless integration of the newest tech into an existing landscape to create high-quality environments that last. Today, cooperating with the 3rd-party responsible for the front-end part, they are going to create AWS cloud infrastructure for one of the biggest Dutch companies in the logistics domain.
You, as a cloud engineer, will work with the Product Owner and the App Lead from the customer side. With the team of several front-end developers and other cloud engineers, you will face a variety of use cases and different data sets.

Requirements to the candidate:

  • has a solid knowledge of how to implement and make decisions in AWS solution designs via best practices;
  • independent in creating all the operational implementations like monitoring, logging, alerting setup, help check, end-point monitoring;
  • has expertise in building a secure and scalable environment
  • cooperative team player,
  • Upper-Intermediate level of English.

Tech stack:

  • AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK);
  • DataDog;
  • SonarQube (not necessary, but will be a plus).